We all know about 3 types of weather. Rain, snow, and thunderstorm. What about this.


It falls to the ground hard. If it hits you you lose half a heart. Hail is a storm worse than any other kind.

You must seek shelter pronto. Hail spawns hostile mobs.


All of a sudden fog will appear and you will only see up to 5 blocks. Fog will spawn hostile mobs. Fog is very

dangerous since you dont know what is coming in the next 5 blocks. Fog is the worst, and could cause you to

lose your home since your lost.[[Category:A tornado will spawn rarely on flat plains biomes. the blocks beneath the tornado will move, considering their protection amounts. for example, dirt, sand, and gravel have low gravitational pulls so they would be lifted in a spiral resembling a funnel. once the storm is over with, ]]